Many tattoo studios said that Celtic Tribal Tattoo, among all tribal tattoo styles, is the one that’s enjoying the biggest second wave now. Many artists think it is because Celtic Tattoo is more prolific in terms of style. It is also more accommodating in terms of colors.

Below are some more pieces of information about tradition. The intention is to make you understand what Celtic tribal tattoo really means and determine whether this is the style that fits your personality or the style that will best represent the image you want on your body.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo: History

The Celts are probably one of the most educated people in ancient times but they never write down what they know. Things are always passed down from one generation to another orally. The recordings of their knowledge, achievements, and history didn’t start until the arrival of people from Greece and Rome. According to these recordings, the Celts were masters of religion, philosophy, geography and Astronomy. In fact, they were employed as teachers and tutors of the Romans and Greeks.

One thing that made them weak academically is their high regard for religions and superstition. It stunted the growth of their knowledge on Science.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo: Background

The Celts were sovereign people. At one time, all Europeans were Celts. The battle between King Arthur and the dark pagan hordes of England was a pivotal event. When King Arthur lost, the Celts felt they died with him. That essentially started the death of their civilization.

CelticTribal Tattoo: Celtic Art

Everything Celtic was intricate and elaborate. Their accessories included putting together different things they find to form animals. They also colored their accessories. They came up with different knotworks and learned how to forge metals just to make jewels, weapons, and house decorations. The knotworks they developed was carried on to all the other art works they did. This is also the primary design element of Celtic tribal tattoos. These knotworks were later on adapted by other people such as the Vikings.

CelticTribal Tattoo: The Symbols

There are many symbols that were used by other countries but actually started with the Celtics. For example, the three-leaved shamrock is popularly associated with the Irish. It was actually an early symbol for the Celts.

They also used the thistle. They actually wore it in the earlier times.

The Welsh used the red dragon, the leek and the daffodil. These are common elements in authentic Celtic tattoos.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo: Evolution

Christianity eventually came to the Celts. Christian elements started becoming a common occurrence. They came up with the Celtic cross and the Tree of Life. These two symbols were composed of knots that don’t have an end or a beginning. This is standard in Celtic tattoos, knots should not have an end or a beginning. They make exceptions with they are drawing animals. This represents life, love and faith.

Elements used by Celts are never to be taken literally. They are also not standard. One element may mean a negative thing for one person and positive to another.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo: Last Words

If you are looking for something that is more intricate, something that came from an intelligent culture, and something that is elaborate, the Celtic tribal tattoo might be the right design for you.


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