Tribal Butterfly Tattoo combines elegance with ancient mystery. The Elegance, color, sophistication and sweetness of a butterfly mix well with the appeal of ancient tribal symbols.  Butterfly had been nature’s accessory from the start but aside from being part of nature, butterfly also had been in cultures past, an art material and an inspiration for technology.  Now, they are being modernized as fairies in TV and fairy godmother on movies. Let see more of butterflies knowing more about them and their unique cute wings.

 Tribal Butterfly Tattoo #1: Green Underside

They are mostly found in Europe but not in UK, they are grayish in color , silvery with black spots.  They visit grassy flowery plants sometimes get salt in muddy places. They are also known as Glaucopsyche Alexis.  This seasonal butterfly can be seen in late April until first July. They silver color makes them look like floating jewels against the sunlight.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo #2: Lesser Fairy Copper

An orange-colored butterfly with 14-16 mm wings span can be seen mostly in Southeast Europe and Northern China. They go around flying in months of April to October.  Its Binomial name is LycaenaThersamon. The copper color makes them look modern. This is an ideal butterfly tattoo for those who want something that is more contemporary.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo #3: Morocco Orange Tip

This kind of butterfly makes us remember how children play, since they don’t like to stay in one place instead go around and fly. You can see them in places like Africa, Algeria and SouthernEurope. Their wings are 0.7-0.8 inches. They like to stay in dry, flowery places. You can also call them AnthocharisBelia. If you are looking for a butterfly that would symbolize restlessness, travel and journey, this is the one for you.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo #4: Zebra Swallowtail

As the name goes this butterfly has some characteristics of a Zebra having stripe longitudinal color and triangular wings with 6.4-10 cm. wingspan.  This attractive butterfly can be seen at southeast of Atlantic coast of Florida. They love to stay where trees grow, in savannah and in woodland.  They are also known as Eurytides Marcellus. The zebra pattern makes this butterfly an ideal mix with the tribal pattern.

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo #5: Scarce Swallowtail

They are also called as Pear-tree Swallowtail. Having the wingspan of 64-90mm they fly mostly anywhere in Europe but not in the northern part.  Grasslands are their habitant. They are “rare-endangered”.  They belong to the family of Papilionidae, they fly from March to October. It has yellowish with tiger-bans wings.If you want something that would symbolize the elite. You may go for this butterfly.

Butterflies indeed have something to say in the word BEAUTY.  Its colorful wings and different identities make us admire them.  They are more than part of nature, they make nature more elegant, pure and naïve. These five butterflies are just some out of thousands species of butterflies found in the world. Choose among the top five most beautiful butterflies for your tribal butterfly tattoo.


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