Tribal sun tattoo is a fascinating piece of art. It is amazing how a medium-size star can become so important to us. There are many common rendition of the sun but if you are looking for something more unique, you might find something if you keep on reading. What you will find below are how different cultures and societies look at the sun. These are conceptual in nature and, like many of our other posts, you will need to find an artist that will interpret it for you.

Tribal Sun Tattoo: The Black Sun

Red, orange and yellow are the three colors that are always used to paint an image of the sun. Given that the colors are light and alive, the sun is always then associated with energy. There is a black sun though. It came from the Mesoamerican mythology. According to the mythology, the god Quetzalcoatl went to the underworld through the West door. His passage turned the sun black.

The Mexicas, on the other hand, believe that the black sun came before the day sun that we know now.

Tribal Sun Tattoo: Guaraci

The Guaraci or Quaraci regard the Sun as the creator of living creatures. Many scholars today that this has some amount of scientific basis if the Big Bang Theory is to be believed. It is common knowledge that without the sun, no living thing on Earth will ever thrive. The collision of heavenly bodies may have allowed for the different worlds to form and the sun to pull these different worlds but life, as we know it here, would have only been possible because of the sun.

Tribal Sun Tattoo: Hinduism

In Hinduism, the sun god is the most respected of all gods. They have different Vedic Adityas or gods. They all, later on, merged to become one god. That one god is the sun, or Surya. All the powers of different gods merged to become one superior god. Surya was believed to have married the goddess Ranaadeh or Sanjnya. She has two forms, sunlight and shadow.

This is a good mythology to interpret if you want something that will depict the balance of darkness and light, the necessity of rest so that energy may be produced.

Tribal Sun Tattoo: Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology believed that there used to be ten suns. They were supposed to become one eventually. However, they were still very young. They loved playing around and, on time, went out at the same time and played. This made the universe very hot, too hot for anything to survive. Hou Yi, a mortal, hit the other nine suns with an arrow to save the Earth.

Tribal Sun Tattoo: Germanic Mythology

Germanic Mythology is the only mythology that has the sun as a female. The moon is the male god. They call their god Sunna. This may be an appropriate mythology to interpret if you want a tattoo that will depict women as the empowered one.

It may also be a good idea to get a female artist to do your artwork for your tribal sun tattoo.


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